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My Story

I help ambitious women reach their goals with ease and joy.

Ready to finally take a deep breath?

Meg Keene

Hi, I'm

Business & Success Coach For Women

I'm Not Just One Thing

I'm: A best selling author. A romance writer. A Founder. And Editor. An Art director. A Firecracker. A feet first jumper. A permission slip giver. A Jewess. A mom of two. An enneagram three. Oh, and I can see Thestrals.

Chances Are, You're Not Just One Thing Either. You are multi-hyphenate. You don't want to be boxed in. You want space to be all of who you are.

You've been hustling and grinding for years. You've been checking off tasks. You've been showing up for everyone (else). You've done everything right. And You're Exhausted.

As a Mastery Method Coach and Trauma Informed Care Practitioner, I'm here to help you transform.

I see you:

You know you're ready for a breakthrough, but you don't know how to get there from here. You're ready for what's next.
(but you also need a fucking nap.)

After years of Pushing through, I was Exhausted. I wanted more, but I was afraid my drive was gone.

I'd spent 15 years grabbing the gold rings. I built a wildly successful business. I wrote two bestselling books. I had two kids. I did a ton of media. Had viral articles on Buzzfeed. Created DIY tutorials that racked up 100's of millions of views on Pinterest.

And. My family had three significant deaths back to back. And. I was exhausted and drained. But I kept going. And then the pandemic brought things to a screeching, traumatic halt.

It was then that I realized how burned out I was. I'd spent years pushing through an anxiety condition, compromising my boundaries, and trying to make everyone else happy. (That doesn't work, btw.)

I wanted something different, but building it with the same tools I'd used in the past didn't work.

I see you because I've been you

Then I found the world of Mastery Method coaching, And my life changed.

I did in depth research biased training in this method so I could help others.

It's Time To

Cultivate & Grow

Forget Hustle & Grind

And I know we can change the world when we do it from a place of Alignment and healing.

Ease & Joy

There is a fire in you & you want more, but you need 

3 Ways To Work With Me

Working together, we'll blend my strategy and marketing experience with inner work to get you unstuck, aligned and ready for your breakthrough. 

1:1 Biz Coaching

Work with me 1:1, where we do the inner and outer work so you can take aligned action on your goals from a place of ease and strength... and peace.

1:1 Success Coaching

My signature course, where you spend 8 weeks honing in on your next big idea or pivot. Perfect focusing a new project or starting a new business. 

Big Idea Blueprint

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I'm a Mastery Method trained coach, who's a certified Trauma Informed Care Practitioner, and I work on both somatic and strategic levels. I've learned that for us to figure out our big dreams and take action on them, we need to slow down and do the deep work to let us heal. When we work from the inside out, we're able to build the lives and businesses we really want.

I've spent the last 15 years as the CEO of a business that I founded with zero capital, that went on to make nearly $10 million dollars. I've published two best selling books, employed tons of super smart women (and a man, once), thrown a life changing femme summer camp, co-designed a plus-sized fashion line, been in nearly every mainstream US publication. I have a decade of experience building diverse communities of women, on and offline.

My background is in business coaching and entrepreneurship. My training is in Mastery Method coaching and physical theatre. My professional experience has truly run the gamut: I've worked in off-Broadway theatre and at an investment bank.

But most importantly, I've built a family and life I love.

I’m here to help other women step into their power.

Who I Am

The Whole Story

Burn out & lack of boundaries

You're ready for something new, but you're likely hitting up against these common blocks:

Limiting money belifs

Self Doubt & Comparison

Scarcity Mindset

Lack of Clarity

Overwhelm & Isolation

After years of coaching, community building, and training, here is what I know most of us need:

Connection & Accountability

We are literally not built to do this alone. To level up, you need support from someone who's been there, and to set up nourishing systems to keep you accountable and moving forward.

Freedom & Guidance

We're done with five step plans, with hustling and pushing and grinding. Instead you need guidance to help you step into a place of freedom, so you can feel your feelings, and step into your truth.

Somatics & Strategy

My work is centered on finding a place of nervous system safety and meeting our blocks with deep compassion, all so we can move into strategy from a place of alignment.

Starting a new business

Things My Clients Are Working On







Pivoting Or Rebranding Their Current Business

Changing Careers

Writing A Book

Navigating a major life change (including divorce)

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My goal is to work with clients who I'm a good fit for, and who I can help guide to their next level. If you're interested in working together, fill out a short application and we'll set up a free one hour clarity call, where we can assess what your vision is, and what blocks are getting in the way, and what way we could best work together

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“Genius, rebel, entrepreneurial trailblazer,
and mentor extraordinaire.”


—Caitlin Daniel, The Brave Girl Collective

Discover your Zone of Genius

We all have hidden superpowers. You can spot them in the moments you feel truly in flow. In the things that people tell you that nobody else does quite like you.

Those superpowers are the secret to building a life you love. Discover yours.

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—Priscilla Vega, PR Vega

Meg is a force. Meg takes her leadership skills and applies them, by motivating entrepreneurs to tap into their best selves.

—Ursula Lauriston, Capital Standard

Meg comes in like a superhero and gets right to the heart of what needs to change in your business.

—Victoria-Riza, The Riza

Meg calls you out on your bullshit excuses in a way that is both revelatory and empowering. She has a way of weeding through the feelings and the personal trauma, finding the root of what is holding you back in your business.

Working with Meg is a fast-track journey into digging deep and taking action.

—Marisa-Andrea Moore Law Firm Owner

Meg’s style of coaching demonstrates that when women come together, we can achieve amazing things and we can all win.

—Hannah Chester
Social Media Consultant

It is hard to quantify just how much value Meg offers when it comes to her business insights and her get shit done approach. If you have a chance to learn from Meg, do it

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