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Founder. Business Mentor. Author. Firecracker. Feet First Jumper.

Meg Keene

Hi, I'm

I'm a best selling author. A boss. A hustler. A builder. A permission slip giver. A Jewess. A mom of two. An enneagram three. A firecracker. I can see Thestrals.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You're working hard, burned out, and don't know why you're not making more money. 

You Want To Build Cool Shit

I fiercely believe in helping women make money, Gain financial independence, take up space, and build full joy-filled lives.

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I’ve made millions of dollars running a business I started with zero capital. In 14 years in business I've built a website that reached 100s of millions, published two best selling books, employed tons of super smart women (and a man, once), thrown feminist summer camps, co-designed a plus-sized fashion line, been in nearly every mainstream US publication. I have a decade of experience building diverse communities of women, on and offline. Most importantly, I've built a family and life I love.

And I’m here to help other women step into their power.

About Me:

The Whole Story

“Genius, rebel, entrepreneurial trailblazer,
and mentor extraordinaire.”


—Caitlin Daniel, The Brave Girl Collective

Discover your Zone of Genius

We all have hidden superpowers. You can spot them in the moments you feel truly in flow. In the things that people tell you that nobody else does quite like you.

Those superpowers are the secret to building a business you love. Discover yours.

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—Priscilla Vega, PR Vega

Meg is a force. Meg takes her leadership skills and applies them, by motivating entrepreneurs to tap into their best selves.

—Ursula Lauriston, Capital Standard

Meg comes in like a superhero and gets right to the heart of what needs to change in your business.

—Victoria-Riza, The Riza

Meg calls you out on your bullshit excuses in a way that is both revelatory and empowering. She has a way of weeding through the feelings and the personal trauma, finding the root of what is holding you back in your business.

Working with Meg is a fast-track journey into digging deep and taking action.

—Marisa-Andrea Moore Law Firm Owner

Meg’s style of coaching demonstrates that when women come together, we can achieve amazing things and we can all win.

—Hannah Chester
Social Media Consultant

It is hard to quantify just how much value Meg offers when it comes to her business insights and her get shit done approach. If you have a chance to learn from Meg, do it

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