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A Practical Wedding is a women’s media company that focuses on weddings and relationships.

Meg is the founder, CEO, and Editor- In-Chief of A Practical Wedding, which she grew to be the largest independently held wedding publication in the english language. APW has reached over 65 million readers since its founding in 2008, along with 100's of millions of women on Pinterest. It also has been home to the (smartest, kindest, and most feminist) comment section on the internet.

Bold and unapologetic, A Practical Wedding is made by, and for, smart feminist women. Founded in 2008, APW has spent the last decade (plus) as a pioneer in the wedding space, constantly pushing for inclusive, authentic, accessible stories of love and relationships.

Started by Meg when she was newly engaged, APW was founded with a mission to make the wedding industry a more feminist and diverse place. More than a decade later, that change has taken root in much of the industry.

“The bible of all wedding reason.”

— The Huffington Post

“A Practical Wedding, a site that has been calmly and reasonably soothing the stress that comes with wedding planning for more than a decade”

From The Critics:

- Well & Good 

“Fortunately, the person taking emails at A Practical Wedding has the patience of a saint when it comes to the privileged and entitled (a quality that I would also like to possess, but my doctor continues to refuse refilling my Ativan).” 

“[A Practical Wedding] offers almost-engaged girlfriends, brides-to-be, and new wives something like what Sassy magazine, in its early-90s heyday, offered pre-teen girls terrified by Seventeen: a space where messy reality is normalized and confronted. Most of the site is devoted to real-world wedding stories, with budget advice and how-to’s included…. But the most striking posts delve into complicated and touchy issues like coping with toxic family relationships, planning second weddings, dealing with infertility—all things that are routinely airbrushed out of the glossier wedding media.”

-Tablet Mag

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