Ready to go from idea to action?

Ready to execute on that business idea or pivot? Ready to finally take action? You're in the right place.

You’ve dreamed up a bunch of half-baked (but REALLY good) ideas. But then imposter syndrome kicks in. You procrastinate, you avoid, you overthink, and so you still haven’t:

Started that business.

Built the project you've been dreaming of.

Created the life and the legacy you want...

What if you could turn ONE idea in your head into a kick-ass, 'HELL YES' business and finally get it out into the WORLD?

In weeks, not months (or years).
With a product that’s simple, not overly complicated.
With a blueprint and your own personal business advisor.
WITHOUT second-guessing yourself every step of the way.

I'm so ready

Would you be willing to ACT on it?

I think we both know the answer to that question is YES x a million.

You’ve been thinking about this idea and dancing around starting a business for way too long.

And here’s what’s happening right now…

You’re letting all of these ideas die on the vine. (Or in your Google Drive. Or on your Pinterest board. Or in a million text chains. Or in notebooks somewhere.)

Chances are, you’ve got a lot of half-formed ideas you’re hoping will magically transform into something perfect—that is, when the moment is right. (Somehow, the moment is never quite right.)

Or maybe, you don’t know WHAT your great idea is yet, but you know that somewhere, deep down, you’ve got one–if you just knew how to go looking for it.

I made Big Idea Blueprint For You

Here’s The Thing: You Don’t Need The Perfect Idea. You Need An Idea You Can Get Excited About.

It’s time to stack the deck. Run the table. Play cards with the house money.

In Big Idea Blueprint that’s what we do—give you the kind of cheat sheet that would get you kicked out of a casino in Vegas.

You Need the support and coaching that allows you to quiet your inner critic (who, frankly, is super fucking mean, and not anywhere near as wise as she pretends to be.) 

You're Overwhelmed

Maybe it’s feeling ridiculously overwhelmed by the simple idea of “where do I even start?” And then deciding starting wasn’t really FOR people like you.

Maybe it’s those hours of scrolling through Instagram, seeing #bosses peddle their “here’s how I made 7 figures in just 6 months” messages that shut you down from overwhelm.

But in the middle of the night it sometimes hits you that by not actually honoring this dream of yours, you’re not making the impact you hoped you would. That you're not modeling what you want to model for your kids, or the younger generation. That you feel stuck.

In those moments in the middle of the night you have a deep awareness that you were made for more... but you just don't know how to get started.

Maybe in those moments you feel deeply aware that...
You're not playing full out
You're hiding from your big dreams
You're not creating the legacy you want to leave.
On paper, you’re successful. You show up for yourself and others. You make a difference in the world. You’re DOING THE THINGS. 

But inside you're thinking, "Is This it?"

There’s an idea (fine, lots of ideas) that have been percolating in the back of your mind. Maybe it’s a brand new project. Maybe it’s a pivot in your existing business. Maybe you don’t even know what it is yet, but you feel that little whisper calling to you all the damn time.

You get a little jittery just thinking about it, while simultaneously relegating it to your “one day” list or writing it off altogether because... Who has the time? Who has the money?

Spoiler: you do, or you wouldn't be on this page. But our brains are tricky, and "I don't have time" and "I don't have money" are the stories our brains tell us to keep us "safe." The problem is safe can feel a lot like stuck.

But Your Spark Is Not Dead

So let's Get Down To Business

What if you allowed yourself to play and get messy on the floor? (#GlitterIsAStratagy.)

What if THAT were the path to finally getting this project, product, pivot, or straight-up new business of yours out into the world?

You have the right to experiment, take up space, and raise eyebrows. It's your birthright.

You deserve to finally see your dream out there in the world and feel the rush, elation, and even terror of creation.

What would happen if you actually honored your ideas, creativity, and dreams—however wild or “out there” they might be?

Making your dreams happen and putting them out into the world is going to feel wildly deeply FUN.

So it's time to make things happen. Pick up the phone, call your inner critic and tell them, “Thanks for trying to protect me, but I've got this. I'll keep you safe, but it’s my turn to run the show now.” 

Here Are Five Thoughts You’ve Probably Had THIS WEEK (Or Hell, While Reading This Page) That Have Kept You Paralyzed In Inaction

But I get it


“I don’t know if my idea is any good.”

Or: I have too many ideas, and I don’t know which to choose.

Or: My idea just needs a little fine-tuning.

All of these are different flavors of an insidious form of perfectionism– and exactly why you’re feeling stuck. We can accept that perfectionism as something that's trying to keep us safe, and without judgement let it go.

(Hot take: there is a reason women are taught to be perfectionists. It slows us the hell down, and then lets other people run with our great ideas instead.) 

You don’t need a perfect, ironed-out idea. You need action. You need execution. You need iteration. You need support. And here is the truth:

The only way to find out whether your idea is any good is to offer it to the world. The only way to perfect an idea is to get it out there. The only way to get past your blocks is to take action.

That's how you make change. That's how your idea gets better. No idea has ever gotten better from overthinking it, nothing has ever grown from inaction.


"The market is too saturated.”

Fact: No one has ever invented anything that’s totally unique. (Founding myths aside, Facebook was a ripoff of Friendster. The car was originally called a horseless carriage. There is nothing new under the sun, just iterations of ideas. So take the pressure off yourself to make something totally and completely brand new.)

Every product or business is simply a new spin on something that’s already been done. Which means you, too, have permission to be unoriginal. (And how juicy and liberating is that?)

And also? The market isn’t getting any less saturated. So waiting around isn’t the winning strategy your brain is telling you it is. Just get your idea out there already. See what happens. Then iterate.

But at the end of the day, your offering will be unique because there’s only one you. The biggest difference between you and someone else who’s already succeeding at the thing you want to do? They’re in the arena already, DESPITE all the discomfort—not because they don’t feel it. 

Not everyone wants to buy from the “go-to expert” of your industry. Some people aren’t being served well by what’s out there. They want something different. They’re craving a perspective exactly like yours. The fact that you see that gap in the market puts you in a perfect position to solve it. We just have to develop your faith in yourself and back it up with mentorship, community, and skills so you can take big fucking action on your idea.

It's time to step into your glittering amazing awesome power.


“I’m not good at follow-through."

What you’re saying is: I’m worried I’ll give up like I did last time.And yes, that's normal. And no, you're not the person you were last time you did this. This time, you're going to take bold action with support. This time, you're going to let your story be different.

I see this often: people fall head over heels for a new idea only to slowly stop working on it and, a month later, bury it in a drawer. Or, they take their idea 80 percent of the way and bail before bringing it to the finish line. They don't have support, they don't have community, they don't get coaching... and when it gets uncomfortable, their nervous system shuts down, and they STOP.

Maybe you can relate. Maybe you’ve thought: “Who the hell am I to do this anyway? How am I qualified? I haven’t done something like this yet, so why now?”

Most of us need guidance and support (and a community of people rooting for us helps too). And this time, you're going to have that.

It's time to discover who you are when you keep going. (Spoiler: you're going to love that person.)

Because here’s the good news: This self-sabotage is just a learned pattern. It's not personal, it's not who you are, and you can put it down.

And when you get the support and tools you need to work through that pattern, you clear the path for success.

This time, you're not going to quit before the miracle, because we have got you. And you know what else? You have got yourself.


"I'll get around to it when..."

You know the story: "I'm already strapped for time and money. I'll get around to it when XYZ." But somehow you never get there.

And look. The world is asking too much of you. Full stop. We’re all exhausted and drained and maxed. AND.

If we don’t take time to fill our own fucking cup NOTHING WILL CHANGE. Nothing.

That’s why every evening, even when I feel like I’m so drained I can’t move, I climb on my Peloton bike. Because that time just for me? That is sacred. That is medicine. And my drained, worn-out self knows that I’ll get to be my full theater kid weirdo with Jess King, or mix my type-A vibes with old school hip-hop with Robin Arzon. And that will give me a shot of community, hope, and of knowing I belong somewhere.

And YOU need that, but for business.

If you’re exhausted today, how burned out will you be six months from now when you still haven’t taken action on your goals? When you’re stuck in the same rut, and you’ve given yourself less and less of what you need? When you still haven't taken action. Is that sustainable? Do you want to stay stuck in that pattern?

You're ready to get unstuck.

When you invest in yourself, fill your cup, and connect with community, you’ll have more energy to give to the world—and your big idea.

Showing up for yourself and prioritizing your goals is the same as building a muscle, and the only way to do that is through action.


“I’m worried it won’t be a success.”

Success is this simple: getting yourself in the arena. Falling down. Making mistakes. Picking yourself up over and over. Getting used to discomfort. Making friends with it. Feeling supported through it.

Success is gradual. It’s iterative.

So my advice is: Instead of asking “will I fail?” (because the answer is yes–in fact, failing is a requirement of success), start asking “what can I learn each time I fail?” “How can I make failing feel safe?” “How can I make sure that my failures are pushing me forward to the next goal and milestone?”

And one way to do all this is through community. Through support. Through coaching.

There’s no magic bullet to success. The closest thing you’ve got is imperfect action. And that means you have to be willing to try.

Clearly, action is the name of the game here. But if you’re not sure where to start, I’ve got you covered with some practical solutions.

Your idea has the potential to blow up your life… in the BEST way possible.

Don’t be fooled: Big ideas often start as small ones. Sometimes, it’s barely more than a feeling. It’s a whisper that just won’t leave you alone. And it's time to listen.

New, scary, daring ideas are the lifeblood of a wildly successful business. You’ve got to see where they lead to find out whether they’ll work or not.

First, you’ve gotta be willing to get your feet wet.

I'm ready

Big Idea Blueprint

I'm In! Sign me up


The program for women ready to build a legacy, ambitious entrepreneurs looking to pivot, and future CEOs who are ready to cut through the noise in their head.

Here, you’ll take action on your ideas and find that creative spark again.

I’ll walk you through the Big Idea Blueprint step-by-step so you can get out of your own head— Best of all, once you sign up, you always have access so you can apply the work to your next big idea… and the next… an the next...

What's included in Big Idea Blueprint?


The Course

​7 modules (plus a pre-work model), in an easy-to-use course portal

​2+ hours of video content

Action worksheets

Complementing the course materials, the 130 Big Idea Blueprint page ebook goes even more in-depth with additional prompts, exercises, and examples to get your brain working.

The E-Book

Obsession discovery

A strength and weakness self assessment

​You're own personal not-to-do list

​Love bombing yourself (honestly one of the most fun exercises that exists)

Module by Module

How do you build a business that supports your life? Know yourself.



Self excavation

Define your core values and get clear on what kind of life you really want, so you can build around that

​Explore your toxic work patterns and reframe them, so your Big Idea has a healthy foundation

Dive into your big audacious dreams

​Set intentional, measurable, external goals

Envisioning what you really want


Your Dream Life

Exploring the generosity of ideas

The unfinished projects assessment

The Idea Notebook (this is your secret weapon) and variations on a theme

The Big Fun Ideas List

In which we become Harriet The Spy


the Big Idea Brainstorm

Meg's Metrics: my signature 9 part system for picking an idea. (Learn from 15 years of my trial and error, so you can avoid some of the same mistakes.)

The project selection formula. You'll you rank your ideas and then pick one.

Picking your idea, and committing to it. The thing you've likely been avoiding for years, but now you can do it with communal support.

How to decide if an idea is worth pursuing


Picking Your Big Idea

Figuring out what core problem or opportunity you are addressing, and what your unique solution is

Defining your market (we have very specific tools to do this, none of the vague stuff you've done before)

Defining your whitespace. What part of the market isn't being served? How are you going to serve it?

Building your framework


The problem / solution model

How to find your people, and really deeply get to know them

Everyone says define your niche, which is a fancy way of saying "really get to know your people," and we'll do that.

Every tool you need to actually talk to members of your potential audience, and how to translate what they say to you.

Let's do a deep dive into your people


Getting to know your Market

Business models are not scary. In fact, I'm obsessed with them, so let's dig in.

Building your business with healthy margins. (AKA, let's make sure you make enough money).

Figuring out your pricing and market positioning. Pricing can bring up all our money shit, so we'll work through it together.

Financing your project (when you don't have easy access to capital)


Money & Business Models

How to turn a big idea into a small idea.

Calculating how much time and money you realistically need for a baby launch.

Coming up with a simple MVP launch timeline.

Committing to the time and money launch investment.


Its Minimum Viable Product time


Creating your MVP

what are you waiting for?

Let's Do This Thing!

I'm a Mastery Method trained coach, who's a certified Trauma Informed Care Practitioner, and I work on both somatic and strategic levels. I've learned that for us to figure out our big dreams and take action on them, we need to slow down and do the deep work to let us heal. When we work from the inside out, we're able to build the lives and businesses we really want.

I've spent the last 15 years as the CEO of a business that I founded with zero capital, that went on to make nearly $10 million dollars. I've published two best selling books, employed tons of super smart women (and a man, once), thrown a life changing femme summer camp, co-designed a plus-sized fashion line, been in nearly every mainstream US publication. I have a decade of experience building diverse communities of women, on and offline.

I passionately care about empowering all women to have the tools and support they need to build their business.

Inside Big Idea Blueprint, I share the method I've refined through trial and error over 15+ years of exploring, developing, and testing my own ideas.

The Whole Story

I'm Meg Keene

Your Feet-First Jumping Business BFF
And Big Idea Advisor. 



—Priscilla Vega, PR Vega

Meg is a force. Meg takes her leadership skills and applies them, by motivating entrepreneurs to tap into their best selves.

—Ursula Lauriston, Capital Standard

Meg comes in like a superhero and gets right to the heart of what needs to change in your business.

—Victoria-Riza, The Riza

Meg calls you out on your bullshit excuses in a way that is both revelatory and empowering. She has a way of weeding through the feelings and the personal trauma, finding the root of what is holding you back in your business.

—Etienne Fang, Redefining Having It All

Working with Meg is a fast-track journey into digging deep and taking action.

—Marisa-Andrea Moore Law Firm Owner

Meg’s style of coaching demonstrates that when women come together, we can achieve amazing things and we can all win.

—Hannah Chester, Social Media Consultant

It is hard to quantify just how much value Meg offers when it comes to her business insights and her get shit done approach. If you have a chance to learn from Meg, do it

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of ideas are right for Big Idea Blueprint?

Anything your little entrepreneurial heart desires. Past clients include service providers, product creators, group program makers, brick-and-mortar sellers, and online entrepreneurs. Some people have created an entirely new business, built another arm of their existing business, or pivoted into a different space completely.

What I’m gifted at is business models. I’ve spent 15 years helping people take their idea, tweak it, and turn it into a business model that makes sense.

Your idea can be splashy or small. Either way, it just has to give you that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling.

I already tried my idea and it didn’t work.

This is not a question, I realize, but it’s something I hear often enough that I had to address it. I’m going to assume that by “tried” you mean you did actually put the work out there in a significant and intentional way. (Not take it 90 percent of the way and then decide it wouldn’t work.)

If so, I hear you. The beauty of entrepreneurship is it’s all about data. Everything is feedback. If your idea didn’t work, maybe it wasn’t the right idea (or maybe it just needs an iteration).

So either you “tried” your idea by doing 70-90% of it, started feeling discomfort and wrote it off (in which case, it’s time to go further and get more data, and have coaching to support you to get past those blocks). OR, your idea didn’t work, and it’s time to iterate (or hell, throw it in the trashcan and try something else, because you have the liberty to do that too.)

I'm an experienced business owner. Shouldn’t I be able to do this on my own?

Should an opera singer work without a vocal coach? Should a trapeze artist learn a new trick without a net? Should a ballerina work without a director or choreographer?

Um, no.

I mean COULD they? I guess. Maybe. Though all of those plans are a fast track to injury… because even the very best of us need training and guidance. So SHOULD you be able to do this on your own? Maybe. It might end up feeling a little like torture, but you might well get there in the end. (Trust me, I spent years in bull-headed determination that I could JUST FIGURE IT OUT MYSELF DAMN IT. And I did, eventually. And it quite literally and seriously took a toll on my mental health.)

The DIY version is lonely. It doesn’t give us the bird’s-eye view of our work. It usually lacks feedback and support.

So I think the real question here is, would doing it on your own be kind to you?)

What’s the time commitment? This sounds great but I’m already so busy.

GIRL. I feel you. You’re not just busy, you’re SOUL TIRED. But there is a reason you are here, reading this, and looking at this program. And it’s because you need something just for you. You need to take the next step.

You need to show the fuck up for yourself. (Because spoiler: you’re not going to magically be un-busy any time soon.) But enough with the inspiration, let’s talk time investment.

I designed this 7-week program knowing full well that you are BUSY AF. There are so many people that need you. So I was determined to make showing up for yourself something that was worth every second of your time—and efficient.

I didn’t record long-ass videos for you to watch before you dug into the worksheets because WHO HAS TIME. Instead I recorded 5-10 minute videos that you can fit in whenever you have a second, and a JUICY LEGIT ebook for you to work through. 

But to get the most out of it, you’ll need to set aside 1 hour per week for the live coaching calls, and at least 2 additional hours per week to get through the material and do the work.

And if you’re running behind? IT’S FINE. In fact, I’d argue there is no behind, just when you get it done.

Once you invest in Big Idea Blueprint, it’s yours. You can do the work at your own pace. You can rejoin when we launch new cohorts. You can work through the program for one idea, and 6 months later decide you want to work through it for another idea.

You can do the 7-week program in 7 months.

YOU DO IT THE WAY THAT WORKS FOR YOU. The point is simply that you get it done. 

I'm ready!

I can't wait to watch your life and business transform as you bravely step forward into your Big Idea.

Let's Get
It Done