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1:1 Business Coaching

I work with business owners who have built successful businesses but are ready for their breakthrough.

I've run profitable (non coaching!) businesses for 15 years and I'm a highly trained coach.

I'm the real deal.

You don't actually need more strategy. If I asked you what strategy you should really be implementing, you could probably tell me. But you haven't done it yet. Why?

Because you're tangled up in your Internal blocks and you need support doing the inner work.

And That's what I'm trained to support you on.

The Truth:

(And when you're ready for strategy, I'm super skilled at that too.)

Strategy + Inner Work

I know you're ready for your business to break through to the next level (if you weren't, you wouldn't be here).

And you know you're ready too. You may have taken all the courses, or even worked with coaches who gave you endless action items. But something is still holding you back, and after years of coaching and lots of training, I know what it is.

It's the inner work.

You need to slow down to speed up. It's time to untangle yourself from your blocks once and for all so you can move forward.

And You don't have to do it alone.

The magic Combo

Hi, I'm Meg Keene

While I've been teaching women about entrepreneurship since 2008, I started doing 1:1 business coaching in 2020. And I loved it. I was great at working with my clients to figure strategy adjustments. I loved my clients. I love a business model, a budget, SEO, and a marketing plan. But something was missing.

And I'm Here To Help You Work On Strategy (And Your Spirit)

My clients kept getting stuck. 

We'd figure out what strategic moved they needed to make, and months later they'd still be looping in inaction.

My clients are amazing. It was clear to me that it wasn't laziness, lack of ambition, lack of willpower, or any of the terrible things they said to themselves keeping them from moving forward. It was something else, and I was determined to figure out what it was.

I was so dedicated to figuring out this problem that I signed up for a year long intensive program with the Institute Of Coaching Mastery, and then I decided to become a Trauma Informed Care Practitioner to round out my education. And after a months of intensive training, and doing my own work...

I started to put the pieces together.

Here is what I learned: if we have subconscious fears around our own success or visibility, we will sabotage ourselves. If we don't think we're worthy of building our big vision, we will make sure it doesn't happen.

Our brains want nothing more then to keep us safe. And until we do the inner work to heal our wounds, and make our nervous system feel safe, all the strategy in the world won't help us.

The strategic work is so important. But unless you pair it with the deep inner work, you'll keep running up against the same obstacles.

I will literally talk business to anyone anywhere anytime.

Coaching is my happy place

The truth is, We're not meant to do any of this on our own.

I believe in the power of women and community. Of sharing our stories and our wisdom. In both healing wounds and building empires together.

My Favorite Things

Sunshine. Wayfarers kickstarter semiotics, quinoa godard dreamcatcher hexagon pop-up hoodie.

Ice cream. Microdosing gochujang keffiyeh salvia. Hoodie knausgaard art party.

my guilty pleasure

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With Business Coaching, I become...

Your Partner In Growth

Unlike a more traditional coaching model, Business BFF lets me fully climb inside my client's business, and support them every step of the way. (Because TBH, once I get my hands dirty, it's very hard for me to say "well it's just two hours a month" and stop.)

When I'm your business coach, I'm in your corner. I will consistently call you forward to do the work, to grow. I'll ask you to show up for yourself, so that you can show up for your business. We'll figure out what's really holding you back, clear the blocks, and then apply strategy that lets you have a business and a life you love.

With Business BFF, we start with you doing a business self-audit, I go through every single word you wrote, find those lightbulb moments, and then we spend 90 minutes truly unpacking the state of your business together.

From there it's homework, worksheets, questions, and me on Voxer whenever you have a question. (And yes, homework has included "write a Yiddish curse on your chai cup," but that's how we get it done.)

What You Get

Twice a month we meet 1:1 to dig into every corner of your business, with the goal of maximizing your cash, freedom, and joy.


You get me in your pocket on Voxer, a voice messaging app, Mon-Thurs. We'll strategize, prioritize, and keep that momentum going.


For the moments where you need to get on the phone and have me support you so you can make a hard call, or get clear on a decision.

Spot Coaching


2  two hour coaching calls

Starts at $3,600

Long Term coaching

Starts at $1,800/ Month

You've Got Options:

A clear action List




Business BFF

Spot coaching AS NEEDED

Full business Audit


VIP days can take place in person in Marin County CA, or be done virtually

Business Cheerleader

"Working with Meg was like having a best friend who happened to be really good at business."

- Hannah Balash, Bridal Maven

Past Client Results Have Included

+ Doubling Their Business Income
+ Launching A New Business (& Selling Out The First Drop)
+ Completely Re-Building Packages And Offerings
+ Building Their First Annual Budget 
+ Building And Launching Their Very First Course
+ Revamping Their Marketing Strategy
+ Figuring Out A Healthy Relationship With Social Media
+ 4xing Their Rates & Finding The Right Clients

You may have done coaching before. You have a session, talk things through, come up with plans, have the best intentions... and then your momentum stalls sometime between getting off the phone and actually doing the work.

I get it. In fact, I've thought a whole lot about it, because I think the biggest issue with the coaching industry (and online education industry) is the lack of actual results.

What's different with this coaching package is Voxer. It's an audio app that lets us leave voice messages for each other, and it means you have me in your pocket all week long (and yes, I check in on you.)

That means the momentum keeps going between sessions, both because you check in, and because I (lovingly) don' t let you off the hook.

This Is The Secret Sauce

Ready For Momentum?

Having Voxer support was a game changer for me. I was able to talk through issues as they came up instead of waiting until we had a scheduled call, which enabled me to make a huge amount of progress!

- Annabelle Needles, Evergreen Lane

What Are We Going To Work On Together?

While the inner work is vital, let's talk about the outer work. The amazing thing about 1:1 coaching is that unlike a course or a group coaching program, there is not a set syllabus for us to follow. We work on what you and your business needs, in whatever order makes sense. That said, here is the kinds of work we often do together:

+ Building new programs or packages
+ Business model tweaks & margin testing
+ Business model tweaks & margin testing
+ Fine tuning your marketing messaging
+ Predictive budgeting
+ Figuring out emotional blocks holding you back
+ Really dialing in your understanding of your ideal customers
+ Competitor research (while celebrating other people's wins!)
+ Day-to-day task prioritization
+ Creating a (actually useful) business roadmap
+ Product suites & product drops

Meg is a powerhouse of entrepreneurial insight, experience, and forward momentum, and working with her has made a big difference in my ability to successfully run and grow my business.

"Meg has helped me go from wondering whether my current business model was still serving me, to launching a completely new program in 3 months flat."

Grew her Income by 2.5X


Real Business Coaching Results

Working with Meg helped me organize my business structurally, physically, and mentally. Meg was supportive and validating, and able to see the forest for the trees.  More importantly, she encouraged me to think like a business owner not an employee.

"I saw a 50% increase in revenue from Q4 and a 38% increase in items sold, and am on track to double my revenue year to year. I also was able to hire two employees during this time." 

Increased revenue by 50%


She has the right balance of hype woman + not-gonna-lie-to-you BFF that I need when I'm making big moves. Plus she backs all of it up with lived experience + work credentials.

"I'm at a transitional point in my business and Meg has been such a valuable partner to have alongside me during this transition."

Re-launched her biz


Here is what I Believe In:

Women healing.

Women making cool shit.

Women taking up space.

Women making money.

Apply To Biz BFF

Your amazing business.


There is a philosophy in coaching that you should show up for your clients as a perfect seeming human, so that when you tell your clients they're amazing, they'll believe you.

But I'm not interested—or frankly any good at—coaching from the mountaintop, and I'm physically incapable of bullshitting you anyway. So if you want that kind of coach, I'm not it. (But I am going to tell you that you're amazing, and you should believe me.)

So, if you want someone who understands you might have to change your scheduled appointment once (or more than once) when something comes up, I'm your girl.

We're in this together. We're all a little bit of a mess. And we can still make amazing things happen.

You don't have to wait till you have it all together to start

Together we're going to embrace the mess, and work through it. (And with it.)



—Sara Duchovnay
Songbird Sara

Meg is a tenacious, creative, fun, insightful business bestie who always makes me feel like my business and I are a top priority. The joy and enthusiasm she brings to our 1:1 sessions and Voxer chats makes me feel extra excited about reaching new goals, and our work together constantly pushes me to look at my business in new ways to see how I can grow.

I would definitely not recommend Meg to my competition.

—Hannah Balash
Bridal Maven

Working with Meg for Business BFF was like having a best friend who happened to be really good at business things helping you sort out all the thoughts in your brain. Working with Meg helped me organize my business structurally, physically, and mentally.

I saw a 50% increase in revenue, and am on track to double my revenue.

—Annabelle Needles, Evergreen Lane

I'm at a transitional point in my business and Meg has been such a valuable partner to have alongside me during this transition. Plus, she backs everything up with lived experience and work credentials.

Meg has the balance of hype woman + not-gonna-lie-to-you BFF

—Julia Beers
Julia Beers Co.

Meg has helped me go from wondering whether my current business model was still serving me, to launching a completely new program in 3 months flat. Meg is a powerhouse of entrepreneurial insight, experience, and forward momentum.

Since starting to work with Meg, my revenue has grown by 2.5X.

My Commitment To You

+ I'll always have another question
+ I'll always have another homework assignment or worksheet
+ I will relentlessly ask you to be your best self
+ I will always suggest ways for you to make more money
+ I will ALWAYS give a shit about you and your business
+ I will have your back, be your #1 supporter and cheerleader
+ I will never bullshit you (It's just not in my DNA)
+ It will be hard to get rid of me. #sorrynotsorry

- Hannah Chester,
Social Media Consultant

“If you have a chance to learn from Meg, do it.

You've Already Got What It Takes

And If you've read this far, you also have the unrelenting drive to Create the business that will bring you the most joy (and you know, cash).

You don't need me to do that.

But my goal for every single client is that I can help with healing, get you untangled from your blocks, stop looping and take action. I want to make the process of breaking through to your next level easier, faster, more fun, and much less lonely.

You don't need me. But damn, it's a joy to get to do this together.

Here is the Secret....

Let's Get This Done →

I only take 4 clients at a time for business coaching, because well, we go deep.

A reminder: If we seems like a fit, you'll hop on the phone with me for a free session and we'll start talking through your business.

But you literally can't sign up then because I don't take clients who don't sleep on it. If you're raring to go, then I'll ask you to talk to my past clients to get honest reviews. THEN AND ONLY THEN will I let you sign up (or put you on the waitlist for when a spot opens up.)

Ready to chat? Me too. I can't wait to hear about your business.

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