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Are you an ambitious woman who's pushed hard and succeeded, but is now thinking there MUST be a better way? Do you sometimes wonder where your ambition has gone? Do you know you want more, or just want something different, but you also want peace? Are you tired of feeling stuck, but don't know how to get out of your own way? Do you want to be moving towards your dreams with a feeling of alignment and ease? I've got you.

The kind of friend who has run successful businesses for the last 15 years, taught business strategy on stages for a decade, and worked 1:1 as a business coach for the last three years.

AND, the kind of friend who is highly training in new researched based coaching methodologies, who pivoted her own life, and is ready to do this work with you.

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Success Coaching

After years of coaching exclusively female business owners, I realized that the same skilled support was needed by all kinds of successful women.

I'm here when you want to make a big change in your life, when you're ready for your next break through, or when you're ready to go from good to great.

I'm here when you know you need something different, but you can't keep getting it by grinding and wearing yourself out.

You want to build cool shit. You want to create a legacy. But you also want to thrive. You want a joyful well rounded life.

But you need support and help to get there.


+ Burnout & lack of boundaries

+ Limiting money beliefs

+ Self Doubt & Comparison

+ Scarcity Mindset

+ Lack of Clarity

+ Overwhelm & Isolation

You're ready for something new, but you're likely hitting up against these common blocks:

What You Get

We'll have 12 calls together over six months. You'll also have spot coaching from me as needed. I am in your corner.

Twelve 60-90 Minute 1-on-1 Calls

If you need to send me a text or voice memo, you can. If you need 15 minutes of spot coaching, we make it happen.

Spot Coaching As Needed

I'll give you exercises, journal prompts, book recommendations, and maybe even playlists.

Tons of (useful) homework

The Payment Plan

Twelve 1:1 Calls

6 Payments of $1,800

Pay In Full

1 PAYMENT OF $9,000

You've Got Options:

Spot coaching as needed


self study recommendations


Spot coaching & Voice Memo access

Self Study reccomendations

The Best Deal:

An intensive VIP day session

With Coaching, you get

Me In Your Corner

Sometimes what you really need is a highly trained coach to help you examine your life and goals, help you figure out what's working and what's not, and prioritize where to make changes. To help you get under the hood, and figure out what's holding you back.

 But also? You need someone to really see you, and cheer you on. You need someone who consistently calls you forward into the work of healing AND growth. And I'm really good at that. It's my passion.

Also? I'm really good at sitting with you during the hard stuff, and just letting it be hard. That is how we get to the other side. (Around here we don't slap a gratitude mantra on things and call it good.)

With Success Coaching, we start with you doing a clarity session, where we map out where you are, where you want to be, and what's holding you back. Then we get crystal clear on your goals, and the best possible way for me to support you, and we formulate a plan. Then we have six luxurious months together, with time to do the inner work and the outer work. Once you really heal what's holding you back, you can move forward lightening quick with strategy and accountability, all backed by the most up to date research on how the brain actually works.

When you're my private coaching client, I'm on your team.

We meet every two weeks, but if you need me in between, you can touch base with voice memo or text. If you have something important or high stress coming up, we can hop on the phone for 15 minutes of spot coaching. When you're my 1:1 client, I've got you.

I'm Meg Keene

In Case we've never met

I'm a Mastery Method Coach, a Trauma Informed Care Practitioner, and an OG internet business owner. I have 15+ years of experience running a profitable bootstrapped small business, teaching women, building community, creating brands, and helping women take up space (and make money doing it).

I’ve made millions of dollars in businesses founded with zero capital and built teams of women who produce amazing work. I’m also a writer, a bestselling author, and have a decade of experience building diverse communities of women, on and offline. 

But what I DEEPLY care about is what lights up your soul, and lets the world know who the EFF you are.

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"Meg comes in like a superhero and gets right to the heart of what needs to change in your business."

- Ursula Lauriston, Capital Standard

Here is what I Believe In:

Women healing.

Women making cool shit.

Women taking up space.

Women making money.

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Your amazing business.


- Hannah Chester, Social Media Consultant

“If you have a chance to learn from Meg, do it.”

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I have limited slots available for Success Coaching Clients. I don't take a ton of clients so I can provide tailored 1:1 support. (This is not a sales tactic, it is a cold hard fact of my calendar).

I only take clients where it's clear we're a fit and that I can help you move the needle. TL;DR: I'm not going to take your hard earned cash if I'm not a good match for you. But if you've gotten this far, chances are good we're gonna make magic together.

If you'd like to book a free clarity call with me, please fill out a quick application, and we'll reach out within the next week. If it feels like a fit, we'll get you on the calendar.

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