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It's hard to make money when you're running your business forever in low key crisis mode. You're hoping that your clients won't dry up. You're hoping you can balance your time between your client work and marketing. You feel like you're always guessing what comes next. And you're wondering why more money isn't coming in. You're ready to get out of crisis mode and go into the year with a plan to make big money (with ease).

You're so Ready. It's time to level up your income.

Imagine feeling like you're playing cards with the house money

Hi, I'm MEG! I'm a 15+ year ONLINE BUSINESS OWNER who's made millions, a two time best selling author,  TRAINED BUSINESS COACH who's coached 100's of women, and fucking PASSIONATE ABOUT WOMEN making MONEY

February 12-16, 2024

Big Money Plan

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what it would be like...

This is so possible, and I'm going to give you my cheat codes, learned from my 15 years of experience running a million dollar business

What if your business wasn't a source of stress in your life, but instead was a source of support and ease. What if you knew how much you wanted to pay yourself every month, and had a clear plan for how you were going to meet those goals. What if you had a written annual plan (and yes, that includes monthly plans)? What if you had a budget? What if you knew what times of year you needed to focus on marketing and when you needed to focus on client work? What if you knew you were going to be ok... but more than ok, you were going to THRIVE.

To have a business that paid you regularly. that allowed for you take time off. That Supported the life you want to live. 

To Heal Your Money Story & Blocks

Until you work through your money blocks and limiting beliefs, you're only going to get the same results.

Having an actual written plan

You need a clear and flexible plan for your year, and a map for how you'll get clients.

Putting your cash plan on paper

A budget is a map for making money (and helps you figure out if you're charging enough)





Here is what I know you need for your Money breakthrough

Did you spend the last year flying by the seat of your pants? Were you crossing your fingers hoping you'd bring in the money you need, but not sure how much money that really was? Were you hoping that you'd figure out your marketing on the fly and get enough clients in the door?

A lot of small women owned businesses are operating without any kind of plan or budget, in part because they can't get past their anxiety and imposter syndrome. But also because they don’t know where to start, feel like it takes special skills or information they don’t have, or wonder “how can I plan for what I don’t know?”

What you need is a clear plan for your business, so you can focus on the work you love, and let the money just flow in

Get the step-by-step framework and personal support you need to come up with a big money plan for 2024

Imagine having an aligned plan for your business. Imagine being crystal clear on your income goal, and an annual plan and budget to support that number. Imagine having worked through your money blocks, so that you can step into the year in aligned easeful action.

There is so much in life and business that's unpredictable. Let's build you a framework that supports you in good times and bad, so you can focus on the work you love. It's time for an easy win.

For 15+ years I’ve grown my businesses and made millions of dollars using simple money and planning tools, and now I’m going to pass those on to you.

After more than a decade of running a profitable business and bringing in millions of dollars, I started taking on business coaching clients. I would routinely ask my clients about their plans for the year, their budgets, or just the number they need to bring in the door.

I’d say things like “Well, what do you have budgeted for that?” or “Whats your goal for revenue this year?” or "How much do you need to bring in this month to pay the bills?"

I wasn’t trying to be technical, or do some high level MBA wizardry, I just assumed that everyone who owned a business operated off some form of a plan budget. For the last decade plus, my business budget has been a document I lived and died by. It’s nothing fancy. But it’s how I plan for different possibilities at work. It’s my life line.

So then I started polling my clients. NONE of them had an annual biz budget, and most of them didn't have a plan. I was so astonished by this fact, that I told this to a mentor in shock. My mentor proceeded to tell me that they didn’t have a business budget (and they were bringing in seven figures).

And that’s when I knew something had to change.

Why I Created
Cocktail Napkin To
Big Money Plan

When I started interviewing business owners and asking them why they didn’t have an annual plan and budget, their answers ranged from, “I wouldn’t know where to start, like, are there templates for that?” (A: Yes.) To “My income varies so how can I predict it?” (A: You can’t, but you can look at past patterns and plan for sales and promotions to help build more stable income patterns.)

And most commonly “Building a budget seems so totally overwhelming.” or “This seems like something you hire someone to do.”

Why Don't You Have A Business
Plan? (I did a lot of research on this so hear me out.)

 It was a total win and I'd recommend it in a heartbeat!

Meg's Cocktail Napkin to Big Money Plan helped me approach my business numbers in a way that made sense to me, wasn't scary, and empowered me to make important decisions about my business.

Julia Beers
Julia Beers Co.

 I've hit my projected numbers thanks to having a goal & plan.

Meg made the emotionally-charged process of planning and budgeting really approachable. Despite having a lot of feelings about numbers, Meg made things feel less scary.

Annabelle Needles
Evergreen Lane

Meg encouraged me to think like a business owner

I saw a 50% increase in revenue from Q4 and a 38% increase in items sold, and am on track to double my revenue year to year. I also was able to hire two employees during this time.

Hannah Balash
Bridal Maven

A plan minimizes your stress and maximizes your earning potential

Creating A Big Money Plan Is So Doable

No matter what you’ve been told, or what ideas you’re hanging on to deep down:

You had a clear plan for what money was coming in, and when. Because...

Imagine how the next 12 months would feel if:


...You know what you were planning on selling, and when.

You knew what your expenses were, and felt comfortable managing them, and had a clear plan for what you wanted to invest in your business and when.

​You knew how much money you needed to bring in every month. (And had a baseline goal and a reach goal).

You had planned for annual downtimes, so you could enjoy them instead of freaking out that you were never going to get another sale.

​You had a plan for things going well, AND a plan for things going less well.

Had a budget AND a simple plan for the year on paper, and had scheduled monthly and quarterly check-ins.

​Felt like your budget was SIMPLE, not something so scary and complex that you didn’t even want to look at it.

I'm a Mastery Method trained coach, and a certified Trauma Informed Care Practitioner, and I work on both somatic and strategic levels. I've learned that for us to figure out our big dreams and take action on them, we need to slow down and do the deep work to let us heal. When we work from the inside out, we're able to build the lives and businesses we really want.

I've spent the last 15 years as the CEO of a business that I founded with zero capital, that went on to make nearly $10 million dollars. I've published two best selling books, employed tons of super smart women (and a man, once), thrown a life changing femme summer camp, co-designed a plus-sized fashion line, been in nearly every mainstream US publication. I have a decade of experience building diverse communities of women, on and offline.

I passionately care about empowering all women to have the tools and support they need to build their business.

Inside Big Money Plan, I share the method I've refined through trial and error over 15+ years in business.

The Whole Story

I'm Meg Keene

I've spent 15+ years making tons of money running successful businesses, and soul aligned, money making plans are my jam

Why am I qualified to teach this? I have:

Managed my own annual budgets up to nearly a million dollars.

Budgeted for employees and freelancers.

Budgeted for commercial real estate rents.

Dealt with unpredictable income.

​Managed through good years and bad, profits and losses.

​Run a business through the great recession and the pandemic.

​Run a business with zero access to capital.

Gone on to use lines of credit and loans to grow my business.

​Understand the anxiety and overwhelm of the budgeting process.

AND, love the structure, stability, and understanding that a good budget and annual plan can bring.

Introducing Cocktail Napkin To Big  Money Plan

What we do together

Do The Money Mindset Work

I can teach you every finance trick I know, but if we haven't done some of the work healing your money wounds and unpacking your limiting beliefs, you will almost instantly fall back into your old patterns. So we start here.


 he Mini-mind for Creating your Big money year

Get Clear on Your Big Vision

Chances are, you're dreaming too small. Your idea of what you can accomplish is based on fear, and trying to avoid disappointment. It's time to upsize your goals, and get clarity on what you really want.


Create Your Annual Plan

Now that you're clear on what your actual dreams are, it's time to map out your year, and think about how you're going to get clients (your visibility plan), and when you're going to need them (your monthly and annual plans).


Create A Budget (in a spreadsheet)

Stay with me here. While I know that the idea of having an actual budget scares the shit out of a lot of people, this document is what lets you plan out your income, and make sure you're charging enough. Let's get strategic.


For Small Business Owners Ready For An Income Breakthrough



Unlock limiting beliefs

focus on your dreams

Map it out

Let's do the numbers

Give me one week & You'll create the best biz year of your life

You have a business to run, money to make, and you want solutions now. You don't want to wait months, or sit through endless classes and group coaching session that isn't focused on exactly what you need.

In designing this course, I wanted to figure out how to get you from where you are to plan an action plan in as little time as possible.

And I didn't want to just fill your head with big ideas, I want to give you an on paper (and in a spreadsheet) actionable plan that you can actually execute.

During this week we'll dig deep and do the mindset work... and then we'll do the practical work too.


This week long mini-mind Will get you Aligned and focused on your big money plan

The assets

An Annual Plan

A clear vision

You'll have a written (and or visual) version of what you're building. After stepping back from your fears and limitations, you'll have a crystal clear understanding of what you really want.

A Business Budget

You'll complete an annual plan that lays out your goals: financial, personal, and logistical. You'll start building monthly and quarterly to do lists, that are flexible enough to adjust as you go.

You'll walk away with a fully functional monthly business budget created in an excel spreadsheet that you can upload to Quickbooks or the financial software of your choice.

You'll Walk Away With

If you do the work assigned in this course (and literally, I know you, and homework is your thing, and you follow through on your shit) you'll end this course with:




ThE                Schedule

Monday |  February 12, 2014
12-1:30pm EST | 9-10:30pm PST


Money Blocks and The Energetics of Money

Tuesday | February 13, 2014
12-1:30pm EST | 9-10:30pm PST


Your Vision For Your business

Wednesday | February 14, 2014
11:30-1pm EST | 8:30-10pm PST


Annual (and Monthly) Planning

Thursday | February 15, 2014
12-1:30pm EST | 9-10:30pm PST


Building Your Business Budget

Friday | February 16, 2014
12-1:30pm EST | 9-10:30pm PST


Hot Seats (1:1 spot coaching with Meg)

If you can't make it live, we'll provide replays of calls, and a chance to submit questions for the hot seat call


“Meg's Cocktail Napkin to Big Money Plan helped me approach my business numbers in a way that made sense to me, wasn't scary, and empowered me to make important decisions about my business. It was a total win and I'd recommend it in a heartbeat!”

my revenue has grown by 2.5X in just under a year

Julia Beers
Founder | Julia Beers Co.

What exactly are we going to do together?

The magic really happens in community

Glad you asked. Here Is what we're Learning.

Money Blocks & The Energetics of money

We will cover

Workshop 2.12.24

Making money from a place of ease & fun (not push & hustle)

Unhooking self worth from your income (so you can make more)

Figuring out why you are making it hard (so you can make it easy)

Discovering and breaking through your upper limits


Your Vision For Your Business

We will cover

WORKSHOP 2.13.24

Figuring out how you want to feel, and insourcing that feeling

Starting with the what, not the how

Creating a vision without fear or limits

Getting clear on how much you need (and want!) to make


Annual (& Monthly) Planning

WORKSHOP 2.14.24


We will cover

Creating plans from a place of ease, so we can release stress

Planning a marketing & customer acquisition schedule

Understanding business seasons & planing for time off

Cash flow & recurring revenue

Building Your Business Budget

WORKSHOP 2.15.24


We will cover

Creating budgets that are nourishing and supportive

Using budgets to map out business goals

The nitty gritty of how to build a budget (and a budget template)

Addressing budgeting fears

Coaching Hot Seats

WORKSHOP 2.16.24


We will cover

Workshopping specific budget & planning issues

Spot coaching on limiting beliefs and money blocks

Quick strategy solutions

Making sure you walk out with a clear budget & plan

Payment Plan


For 3 months, Early Bird


Early Bird



Pay In Full

Ready to go all in?

Join the Mini-Mind As A VIP and Work With Me 1:1 As you create your big money plan

Three 1:1 planning sessions with me

Three weeks of Voxer support

A session identifying and working through the inner blocks, limiting beliefs and money wounds holding you back.

A session working through your annual plan, to make it simple and supportive.

Only $1,818


A session working through your budget, making sure that it works both logistically and emotionally

Take what you learn in the mini-mind to the next level. With the VIP package you get:

This IS for you if:

You are a business owner with at least one year of financial history.

You are making between $50K and $1M a year.

You need accountability and follow through.

You're ​income is unpredictable, and you don’t know how to plan for a full year.

You're looking for someone to build a plan and a budget for you.

You already have a planning and budgeting system you love that works well for you.

You ​want me to give you accounting, tax, or bookkeeping advice. (I legally can't.)

​You want someone to tell you how to class all of your expenses. (See above!)

This is NOT for you if:

You ​feel like budgeting is intangible, or like throwing made up numbers at a wall.

You build a budget (sometimes), and follow it much more rarely.

You ​only look at your numbers at tax time.

You ​freak out every single time you hit a slow period because WHAT IF THIS IS IT?

You are willing to do the work of collecting your own past financial data.

You ​can work with  an accountant and/or bookkeeper to get detailed financial advice.

You want to learn from someone who’s built budgets and plans for 15 years (and loves them.)

You want tax advice. (I literally can't say this enough, no jail time for me.)

You have an idea for a business but you haven’t acted on yet. (I built Big Idea Blueprint for you.)

​You are looking for some sort of magic  system that takes all the guesswork out of budgeting.

​Looking for a super complex spreadsheets. (I like to keep it simple.)

Girl, same. For me it’s anxiety, and often planning and budgeting feels wildly overwhelming and sends my heart rate through the roof. But if there is anything I’ve learned (and I’ve learned it the hard way, over and over) it’s that avoiding budgeting makes my anxiety and overwhelm much worse. If I don’t actually have visibility into my numbers, not only do I imagine the worst, but I also have much less control over my outcomes.

For folks with ADHD, building a budget on your own can be incredibly difficult, since it involves a ton of executive function and focus, both of which might be in short supply. That’s why working on budgeting and annual planning in a group, with built in accountability can be incredibly helpful. And once the annual plan and budget are built, the heavy lifting of executive function is done, and you have a plan you can follow.

I have Anxiety/ ADHD/ another form of neurodivergence and Planning and budgeting can feel really overwhelming for me. Is this the right place for me?

The reality is: most businesses have irregular income. The longer we’ve been in business, the more data we have, but it’s hard to predict sales or clients with any sort of exact accuracy. But that is exactly WHY we need to plan and budget.

Planning allows us to figure out when we expect money to come in, and when we need to plan sales or promotions to get money in the door, which allows us to lay out a rough schedule for what our marketing should look like throughout the year.

Thinking about income flow is what helps us build an annual plan, and sales targets. Those things don’t magically make our income predictable, but it does give us a greater sense of control, and a set of goals that we can work with.

My income is irregular, can I still make a plan for my money and business?

I get it. Numbers can feel overwhelming AF. Money can make us feel wildly anxious. But ignoring it just makes our overwhelm and anxiety worse. Budgeting and cash planning are ways to make numbers work for us... because worrying about money at 3am actually isn't that effective.

There are things in this world that involve complex math problems. But building cash plans and budgets for small businesses are not those things. Even better, budgets are built in spreadsheets, that literally do all the math for us. (I know, right? Calculators built just for our needs!)

(I put “math person” in quotes, only because I think the patriarchy sets up women with the idea that there are “math people” and “finance people,” and those just happen to be men… and while we don’t all have to be mathematicians—though fun fact, I was raised by one—but all of us can do back of the napkin math and put it onto a spreadsheet, I swear to it.)

I’m not a “math person," will this course feel overwhelming for me?




Yes. Learning how to budget and plan is one of the most important things we can do in our business.

As women, we often are trained in the idea of scarcity mindset. (And there are a lot of structural reasons for this, including there being more limited resources available for women.) And because of this, we often think of budgeting as an exercise in cutting expenses, instead of building income. Really, budgeting should be both, though figuring out how to increase income is the most impactful part of the equation.

Should you invest in your business smartly? Yes. Should you invest in your business, and in your own education? Also yes.

But the real truth is, managing a budget and an annual plan is worth so much more than the cost of this course, both in cash and in peace of mind.

Should I really spend money on learning how to budget? (Isn’t the whole point of budgeting to get rid of as many expenses as possible?)

You bet there is. That is why we have quarterly check in sessions (so you can review your budget and plan and make adjustments).

My goal here is to give you the education and tools to make planning and budgeting part of your ongoing business process. I don’t want to give you a fancy system that makes you dependent on me, I want to teach you skills that you can make your own, and use regularly.

And the science of habit building means that it’s not one and done. We need to learn the process, and then regularly practice it. I built monthly and quarterly check ins so you can not just learn, but also build this as an ongoing habit.

I'm afraid that Once I build a budget and annual plan, I’ll never look at it again. Is there a way around that?



—Priscilla Vega, PR Vega

Meg is a force. Meg takes her leadership skills and applies them, by motivating entrepreneurs to tap into their best selves.

—Ursula Lauriston, Capital Standard

Meg comes in like a superhero and gets right to the heart of what needs to change in your business.

—Victoria-Riza, The Riza

Meg calls you out on your bullshit excuses in a way that is both revelatory and empowering. She has a way of weeding through the feelings and the personal trauma, finding the root of what is holding you back in your business.

—Etienne Fang, Redefining Having It All

Working with Meg is a fast-track journey into digging deep and taking action.

—Marisa-Andrea Moore Law Firm Owner

Meg’s style of coaching demonstrates that when women come together, we can achieve amazing things and we can all win.

—Hannah Chester, Social Media Consultant

It is hard to quantify just how much value Meg offers when it comes to her business insights and her get shit done approach. If you have a chance to learn from Meg, do it

 eady For Your
Big Money breakthrough?


Let's fucking go