+ What's unique about your brand
+ A rough draft of your ideal client avatar
+ Your clients pain points (and how you help).
+ Easy ways to create a logo

DIY Brand Cheat Codes

This 71 page E-Book Helps you figure out:

+ Easy hacks to create a color palette
+ How to create alternate logos & colorways
+ Simple ways to pick typography
+ Free ways to source images


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The DIY Brand Cheat Codes e-book includes every tip trick and tool I've picked up in 15 years of brand hacking.

The goal? To help you build a brand identity in a weekend so you can get on to the fun stuff. (AKA, making money.)



Website In A Weekend


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The DIY Branding Cheat Codes


After 15 years of building DIY brands (fast, cheap, and easy) I've gathered all of my best tricks, tips, and hacks, so you can get a version of your brand launched this weekend.
Literally. This. Weekend.

So you have a business idea... and you want the easiest possible way to get started

Let's make this easy!

Maybe you want to build a website, or just get business cards. Maybe you want to make flyers. 

Whatever it is, you suddenly realize you need a logo, and some colors, and fonts.

You need the basics of a brand.

And you need it to be simple and fast.
(And cheap. You can spend more money later when you start making money.)

I've helped so many entrepreneurs solve exactly this problem (and solved it for my so many of my own side hustles). It has become one of the most commonly requested areas of support by my clients and friends, so I finally put it into a simple e-book.

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Brand positioning worksheets which walk you through simple exercises to:

Discover what's unique about your brand.

The DIY Branding Cheat Codes Includes

Build a rough draft of your ideal client avatar. 

Figure out your clients pain points (and how you help).

Everything you need to create visual assets easily, quickly, and affordably


Also Included:

Color palette

Alternate logos & colorways



Nothing in this e-book will replace a professional designer. Professional designers are human magicians! But unless you have access to capital, you probably can't afford a designer till you start making money (it's a Catch 22, and this is your escape hatch).

This will give you just enough to get started. And if you want to work with a designer in a small way that you can afford, this e-book will help you do that too.

So yes. Hire a designer. This e-book is designed to give you the tools you need to afford one.

Shouldn't I hire a professional Designer?

You may be thinking...

Absolutely yes.
As soon as you can afford it!

"It's amazing. I started crying reading it, I saw so much of myself in it."

"At $29 it would be a literal steal. Like quote me on it. A steal."


"Meg Will Change Your Life. She Is A Genius At Cracking The Code On Your Financial Possibilities"

"She demystifies, educates, and mentors you. If you do the work, you will walk away transformed."


Get Both:

Build Your Website In A Weekend
 & DIY Branding Cheat Codes

Ready to build a website with your new brand idenity but don't know where to start?
I've got an ebook for that too.

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Hi, I'm Meg Keene

In Case We Haven't Met

I'm a best-selling author. An (actual) boss. A builder. Permission slip giver. Feet first jumper. Jewess. Mom of two. Enneagram three. Firecracker. I can see Thestrals.

I help women and femme business owners create profitable, sustainable, enjoyable businesses.

I'm so glad to join you on this journey to build a business or just put yourself out into the world. For me, it's been a journey of a lifetime. I'm so excited to help you get started.

I want this!

Are you ready to build a brand identity in a weekend?

Let's get to work!

The DIY Branding Cheat Codes

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