+ What information your website should include
+ What you need to gather before you start your website
+ Figuring out what pages your website needs.

Build Your Website In A Weekend

This 50 page E-Book Includes:

+ Outlines of how to structure each page on your website
+ FAQ questions you can steal. (And write your own answers to)
+ My favorite tools and hacks for building a website


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Our Website In A Weekend e-book has everything you need to make putting together a website an weekend project.

After 15 years of building websites (without knowing a lick of code), I developed this cheat sheet to help my clients get their projects online as quickly and painlessly as possible



Big Idea Blueprint


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Build Your Website In A Weekend


After 15 years of building DIY websites (fast, cheap, and easy) I've gathered all of my best tricks, tips, and hacks, so you can get a version of your website launched this weekend.
Literally. This. Weekend.

So you need a website!

Time to cut through the overwhelm.

Whether you need a personal or business website, this ebook was created with you in mind.

I've spent well over a decade figuring out how to put together websites without knowing a single line of code. (And luckily for you, building a website has gotten so much easier in the last 10 years.)

I wanted to make building a website as easy as I could for my clients, because the last thing we need is more hurdles when starting a big project. So I gathered together all my best tips, tools, outlines, and even sample copy. My goal was to help clients get a website online in a weekend.

I need this ebook

So I wanted to make it available to anyone who needs to get their project online.

And it worked!

What information your website should include.

The "Website In A Weekend"
Ebook Includes:

What you need to gather before you start your website, to make things easy

What's a sitemap? Figuring out what pages your website needs.

Outlines of how to structure each page on your website.

FAQ questions you can steal. (And write your own answers to obvs.)

My favorite tools for building a website (including sources you may not know)

When I got started running online businesses, the only way to get a really nice looking website up was to hire a professional. But these days, that's not always the case. (I built this entire website that you're looking at in fact, and it was a largely pleasant process.)

But unless you have access to capital, you probably can't afford a designer till you start making money, which is why I created this ebook. This will give you just enough to get started.

So yes. You might very much want to hire a designer. This e-book is designed to give you the tools you need to afford one.

Shouldn't I hire a professional website Designer?

You may be thinking...

Absolutely yes.
When you can afford it!

"It's amazing. I started crying reading it, I saw so much of myself in it."

"At $29 it would be a literal steal. Like quote me on it. A steal."


"Meg Will Change Your Life. She Is A Genius At Cracking The Code On Your Financial Possibilities"

"She demystifies, educates, and mentors you. If you do the work, you will walk away transformed."


Get Both:

Build Your Website In A Weekend
 & DIY Branding Cheat Codes

Feel like your new website needs a solid brand identity?

I've got a workbook for that too.

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Hi, I'm Meg Keene

In Case We Haven't Met

I'm a best-selling author. An (actual) boss. A builder. Permission slip giver. Feet first jumper. Jewess. Mom of two. Enneagram three. Firecracker. I can see Thestrals.

I help women and femme business owners create profitable, sustainable, enjoyable businesses.

I'm so glad to join you on this journey to build a business or just put yourself out into the world. For me, it's been a journey of a lifetime. I'm so excited to help you get started.

I want this!

Are you ready to build a website in a weekend?

Let's get to work!

Build Your Website in a Weekend

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