+ Our Money Foundations: discovering our foundational beliefs about money
+ How To Change Core Beliefs
+ Exploring our Money Histories: personal and intergenerational

Heal Your Money Shit

This 70 page E-Book Includes:

+ Unpacking the many ways Scarcity Mindset impacts us
+ Exploring Abundance mindset (through economic theory)
+ Discovering your Your Money Style, and money disorders

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Most women I work with are struggling with their money stories. They think money is the root of all evil. They thing there isn't enough money to go around. They think they're not the kind of people that will ever make good money. I designed this robust workbook to help my clients start healing their money wounds, so they can raise their rates, ask for a promotion, or just live more in easy and abundance.



Big Idea Blueprint


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put down your Money Baggage once and For All

It's time to ask for that raise, raise your rates, feel confident with money, and be able to actually live the life of your dreams. (You know, the one that costs money.) It's time to get unstuck.


Are You Ready?

Sound familar?

I can't tell you how often I talk to women who are stuck in money stories that they know are holding them back, but don't know how to get unstuck.

The women I work with tell me that they're afraid to ask for a raise, they can't seem to raise their prices. They're convinced that they're just not the kind of people who have money. They fear that if they ever make money they'll lose it. And deep down, most of them think that money is the root of all evil, and if they have too much money they'll become bad people. (And they won't have friends and nobody will trust them.)


I need this workbook

Your Guide to Unpacking Your Money Shit

This workbook is made for you


In this six section workbook, you'll be able to put down your money wounds and blocks that are keeping you locked in place, and start the lifelong process of healing your money wounds.

Are you ready for your relationship with money to stop being so damn hard, so you can be in ease and abundance? Are you ready to be in flow with money?

"It's amazing. I started crying reading it, I saw so much of myself in it."

"At $29 it would be a literal steal. Like quote me on it. A steal."


"Meg Will Change Your Life. She Is A Genius At Cracking The Code On Your Financial Possibilities"

"She demystifies, educates, and mentors you. If you do the work, you will walk away transformed."


Hi, I'm Meg Keene

In Case We Haven't Met

I'm a best-selling author. An (actual) boss. A builder. Permission slip giver. Feet first jumper. Jewess. Mom of two. Enneagram three. Firecracker. I can see Thestrals.

I help women and femme business owners create profitable, sustainable, enjoyable businesses.

I'm so glad to join you on this journey to build a business or just put yourself out into the world. For me, it's been a journey of a lifetime. I'm so excited to help you get started.

I want this!

I want this!

The Heal Your Money Shit Workbook

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