+ What limiting beliefs & blocks are (psychologically)
+ Finding the thought patterns & beliefs are holding you back
+ The science and practice of how to change our own minds

The Limiting Belief Lab

This 100 page E-Book  Covers

+ The six most common limiting beliefs
+ Worksheets, exercises, & journaling on these six beliefs
+ Creating a new map of expansive beliefs


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Do you feel so ready for a breakthrough you can just taste it? (But can't quite figure out why you can't get there?) Are you feeling lost and confused and don't know what to do next? Do you like woo-woo a little but science a lot more? This is for you.

This is a 100 page value packed workbook that I've designed to help get you started. If you want 1:1 coaching but it's not in the budget, I made this for you. If you want an introduction to what coaching is? This is it. Let's get you unstuck!



Big Idea Blueprint


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Hi, I'm Meg Keene

In Case We Haven't Met

I'm a best-selling author. An (actual) boss. A builder. Permission slip giver. Feet first jumper. Jewess. Mom of two. Enneagram three. Firecracker. I can see Thestrals.

I help women and femme business owners create profitable, sustainable, enjoyable businesses.

I'm so glad to join you on this journey to build a business or just put yourself out into the world. For me, it's been a journey of a lifetime. I'm so excited to help you get started.

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